The easiest way to manage inventory bundles on Shopify.

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Manage Shopify inventory automatically

Bedrock will automatically adjust your inventory numbers so that when someone buys a bundle, all of the included products go down by the correct amount. Whether you're offering multiple products at a discount, including add-on products, or selling small batches, Bedrock will ensure you have the correct count of what's left.

Bedrock for Bundles
Bedrock for


Bedrock will easily handle selling multiple products in one listing. If you sell a set or collection of products, Bedrock will manage both the individual inventories, and the collection, ensuring the inventory is in-sync and accurate

Bedrock for Variants
Bedrock for


As a seller, you may offer different variations of the same product. Whether assembled/unassembled, frame/unframed, multiple listings could point back to a single, shared inventory. Bedrock will decrease the inventory of both products when you buy one, so you never run out of stock

Bedrock for Batches
Bedrock for


If you make large batches of products and sell in smaller increments, you need Bedrock. Divide however finely you need, and since each product adjusts the rest, feel confident your inventory will be in-sync and accurate

Built on a reliable network


Bedrock is built on Amazon's AWS platform for world-class reliability and up-time

Simplicity to avoid complications


Setup in seconds; we believe in taking a simple task and executing without complication

Respect for your data


Your customers are your customers. We don't need, or want, their data so we just don't collect it

Help through any issue


Our devlopers are an email away; we hope you won't need to contact anyone, but are here if you do

Install Bedrock on Shopify and start managing bundles

Bedrock was born from our own needs as a Shopify merchant. We needed to manage our inventory bundles and needed a solution that wasn't too complex, or expensive. We keep pricing straightforward at $1.99/month

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Support with no maintenance fees

Bedrock was designed to be simple: simple to install, simple to setup, and simple to use. We hope that everything goes according to plan, but understand that life doesn't work that way. Our developers are happy to work with you through any unexpected bumps in the process